By definition, “2.0” is used to denote a superior or more advanced version of an original concept, product, service, etc. With respect to our local Beaches, 2.0 reflects what we already know and love about the Beaches, but takes it a step further. The world has seen and felt the pain of its neighbors during the COVID 19 pandemic. And the same is true of the Beaches close-knit community. We have been very fortunate to not be hit as drastically as large urban cities, but our small beach world is different now nonetheless. This campaign wishes to make that difference in perspective a good one. New is not always better, but our Beaches will be. Stronger, more determined, resilient, and above all, truly neighborly. When the time is right and the appropriate measures are in place, we want everyone to come back to the beaches, one more time… Beaches 2.0.