Beaches Go Green

320 1st St N, Ste 701, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250
904-613-1342 | BeachesGoGreen.org

Beaches Go Green is an education and awareness nonprofit 501(c)(3) that focuses around the waste that we produce and how it affects our planet – particularly single-use items and plastic pollution in our oceans.  We aim to simplify complex environmental issues so that everyone can make sense of them and make changes in their own lives for the better of the planet. We focus on the 4 R’s: REFUSE, REDUCE, REUSE then RECYCLE.

We are your friends, neighbors, coworkers, favorite local businesses, and city employees that care about our planet.  We live and work at the beach. Our beaches and oceans matter to us! We believe that if people know better, they will do better for the greater good. We invite you to learn more at our website or get involved by contacting us.

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