Patty Mohler Counseling

408 4th St. N Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250
904-699-8255 | PattyMohlerCounseling.com

Currently open. A licensed mental health counselor who treats individuals and couples for anxiety, depression and addiction/recovery. Dr. Mohler believes every individual should have a voice and be heard. She will devote her practice to helping individuals bolster their self-esteem, find their passion, and be inspired to create the life they want. She is passionate about helping people find their inner strength. Her nature is positive, uplifting, energetic, and supportive. She has the gift for helping people as they discover the path to a better life. She offers Gottman Couples counseling as well.

In these extraordinary times we need extra support to deal with our emotions, grief and experiences. Having a safe, nurturing place to land and teach new skills is important right now.

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