That’s my kind of Hueman!

Our Beaches 2.0 campaign launched just 2 months ago following the initial shut down from COVID-19. Since then, we have seen the community take creative steps to come together to help build each other up. And that is exactly what our campaign is about! New is not always better, but our Beaches will be.

One example of a Beach Biz that that is stepping up is Hueman. Hueman People Solutions is a staffing company located in the heart of downtown Jacksonville Beach that employs about 175 people. CEO Dwight Cooper and his team have developed their own stimulus plan within their company to help support multiple small businesses during this challenging time. First, Hueman bought a bunch of gift cards from local restaurants and gave them to front line workers like health care workers, police and firefighters as a thank you. Then, they doubled their impact by giving a bonus to all employees, urging them to spend the bonus freely at local businesses.

Maria Fiore, a Hueman employee, spent her bonus at Sippers Coffeehouse. She purchased a $3 coffee and tipped the barista $50! Which, needless to say, is AWESOME and made a big difference in the both the daily business for Sippers and that special barista on shift. What a fantastic example of our Beaches community being truly neighborly.

This pandemic has brought about many challenges and uncertainties for each of us. Residents and businesses alike often struggle with what is the best course of action to resume normalcy and make a difference, all while enduring personal or business setbacks. What is certain however is that acts of kindness, no matter how small, go a long way for those in need. Businesses appreciate words and acts of kindness – a stellar social post, review or referral is fantastic. Employees appreciate words and acts of kindness – a generous tip, a free smile and a simple THANK YOU are priceless.  Not everyone can implement a companywide stimulus package like that of Hueman, but we can all take note when they do. Kudos to @HuemanPeopleSolutions. And we can all take action in our daily lives and rituals that affect all the humans around us. Be creative, be kind and be supportive of all the Beaches (and the world at large).